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The world of Jeremiah Harm is bustling with life in all shapes, shades, molecular structures and colors. We want you to help us create the most versatile and interesting universe full of creatures from every corner of the galaxy. By the time Jeremiah Harm marches on the screens across the world, we aim to have one million unique aliens designed – by you.

Here's how it happens: you draw, create in 3D, photoshop, paint or photograph – whatever you want – an alien you'd like to see hopping around on the big screen. It can be just a sketch, or a detailed painting with scale models and instructions, whatever suits you the best. Then, you upload it to us using the form below, and we'll add it to the big gallery of One Million Aliens.

The best, most innovative and interesting creatures will end up on big screen in the film Jeremiah Harm, and designer will be credited for the work!

Go crazy!

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